Social Edges

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+

Your hero has learned how to work with others, even those who might be somewhat opposed to him or his efforts. This adds +2 to his Charisma.

Common Bond
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+

This Edge signifies a special link between close companions—such as a typical party. It doesn’t matter whether or not the characters get along perfectly or not, they’ve just formed a close and common bond during their epic adventures. A character with this Edge may freely give his Bennies to any other Wild Card he can communicate with. This represents the character giving his verbal or spiritual support to the ally. The player should say what his character is doing to give the support. The gesture could be as complex as a rousing speech, or as simple as a knowing nod.

Requirements: Novice

Whether it’s to the guilds, the city watch, an innkeeper or Madam, or royalty, your heroine knows someone on the inside—someone who is willing to lend her a hand on occasion (usually once per game session).

This Edge may be taken more than once, but each time must be applied to a different organization. The GM should also ensure the organization is limited to a single, unique organization. A hero may, for instance, have Connections (Thieves Guild_), but he shouldn’t have a blanket Connections (_Guilds). To use a character’s Connections requires that she first get in touch with one of her contacts. This requires a Streetwise roll. Failure means the particular contact wasn’t available – or they were otherwise tied up. Once in contact, the hero must make a Persuasion roll. The GM should feel free to modify both the Persuasion roll and any results based on the circumstances. A failure indicates the heroine’s contacts just couldn’t come through this time, or perhaps just weren’t persuaded that their help was really necessary.

On a success, the contact might share information, but won’t do anything too risky to help. On a raise, the contact is willing to leak sensitive information, but stops short of outright betrayal. Two or more raises means the heroine has pushed the right buttons and can count on serious help. The Connection will risk serious consequences for the heroine, and if she needs financial assistance, may provide more than he’s comfortable with. If the heroine asks for muscle, the contact delivers either one expert or five average fighter-types for the contact’s particular organization.

Frightening/Impressive (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Intimidation d6+

Some folks are very Frightening in their appearance and presence, while others project a highly Impressive bearing. This Edge allows the Hero to apply his Charisma modifier to any Intimidation checks; if it is negative, the Edge counts as Frightening (and the value is inverted as a bonus), while a positive modifier counts as Impressive. The maximum amount of modifier from Charisma that should be permitted for the Intimidation check is + 4.

Fast Talker (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Persuasion d6+

Sometimes it’s better to convince an enemy to surrender, or just walk away, or even switch sides, rather than just insult him and make him more inclined to fight. A Fast Talker can initiate a Test of Wills in combat with his Persuasion Skill, opposed by the target’s Spirit. The usual effects may be applied, but depending on the roleplay of the moment, the GM may instead choose to use the Reaction Table from the core rules to interpret how the enemy responds.

The Iron Will Edge defends against this ability. A Hero with the Glib Edge can treat the use of this Edge as a Free Action (though what else he does while attempting to persuade someone will affect the outcome).

Honeyed Tongue (Lankhmar, CoT)
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Spirit d6+, Persuasion d8+, Streetwise d6+

Whether a master merchant, talented courtesan, or flirtatious fence, this character is a master of flattery, innuendo, and fabrications. The character’s ability to confuse and distract allows him to make a Test of Wills using Persuasion opposed by the target’s Smarts. Additionally, this smooth talker is an expert negotiator. When selling goods he is able to unload the items at half price with a successful Streetwise roll, or at three-quarters value with a raise.

Master of Disguise
Requirements: Novice, Notice d6+, Smarts d6+, Persuasion d6+

“Life is like a stage” is the motto of this hero. A professional actor and impersonator, he learned his tricks pretending to be a mutilated beggar in the streets, or actually performing in front of kings and queens. Whatever his origin, even his mother cannot recognize him when he is properly disguised. He receives +2 to Smarts and Persuasion rolls in preparing and using a disguise and, given his experience, he can improvise one
by using very basic tools and altering his facial expressions. He can ignore the no equipment penalty while working on a disguise, as long as he isn’t trying to imitate a specific individual.

Strong Willed
Requirements: Novice, Intimidation d6+, Taunt d6+

Characters with strong willpower use their voice, steely stares, or quick wits to unnerve their opponents. Strong Willed adds +2 to a character’s Intimidation and Taunt rolls, as well as his Spirit and Smarts rolls when resisting Test of Wills attacks.


Social Edges

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