Combat Edges

Armor Use
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Fighting d6+, Vigor d8+

This hero is very skilled in using armor to absorb the impact of blows. Before rolling to soak a wound, he can activate this Edge. In this case, the current Armor value is added to the Soak roll. To keep the game fast, furious and fun, the torso armor value is always considered, regardless of called shots targeting specific body parts of the character.
This rough treatment ruins the armor and it loses one Armor point after each use of this Edge, but a warrior considers it a good bargain, if it helps him stay alive! Damaged armor can be fixed with a Repair roll. Each roll requires 1d4 hours and returns a single Armor point, two with a raise. Armor dropped to zero Armor Bonus becomes useless junk and cannot be repaired.

Beat Back
Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+, Fighting d8+

Ask old swordsmen: fighting is half dealing precise blows and half forcing your opponents to retreat where you want, to hinder their movements and then quickly dispatch them. A character with this Edge, who hits an enemy in melee with a raise can choose to renounce the additional damage to push the enemy 1” away in direction of his choice. The attacker, if he wants, can “follow up” occupying his enemy’s previous position. The attacker must push the opponent into an empty space; if this isn’t possible, the defender is automatically Shaken. If the defender is moved into Difficult Terrain he must make an Agility roll to avoid falling down and going Prone (see Savage Worlds core rules_). If you aren’t using minis and a battlemat, the GM judges if there is space for the defender to retreat or if he is pushed into Difficult Terrain. A defender who is beaten back doesn’t trigger a free attack from the attacker when he is moved away, but all the other rules for leaving a melee apply (_i.e. other fighters participating in the fight can make a free attack on him).

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+

Warriors who engage in frequent hand-to-hand combat are far more skilled in personal defense than most others. They’ve learned not only how to attack, but how to block their opponent’s blows as well. A fighter with this Edge adds +1 to his Parry.

Improved Block
Requirements: Veteran, Block

As above, but the hero adds +2 to his Parry.

Requirements: Novice, Str d8+

Frequent fights with his bare hands have given this thug a powerful punch. When he hits a foe with a successful bare-handed Fighting roll, he adds +2 to his damage.

Requirements: Seasoned, Brawler

When the bruiser gets a raise on his barehanded Fighting attack, he rolls a d8 instead of a d6.

Cloak Hero/Heroine
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d6+, Stealth d6+

What is a cloak-and-dagger scoundrel without her cape? This Edge allows the heroine to use any cape, mantle, or cloak in combat to deflect blows and hinder enemies. As long as the heroine is unencumbered, she can use a cloak as a small shield (gaining +1 Parry). In addition, whenever she does a Trick using a cloak, the player can place a Small Burst Template on the battlefield with one edge in contact with the heroine. The Trick affects any character caught by the Template.

Cloak Master/Mistress
Requirements: Heroic, Cloak Hero/Heroine, Charisma 1+, Persuasion d8+

The heroine can use her cape in such a flamboyant way that enemies are literally dazed by her coolness. Every time she initiates a Trick involving her cloak, she can add half her Charisma (rounded up) to the roll. In addition, the cloak works as special Light Armor (+1).

Close Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d 8+

This Edge is for skilled knife fighters and martial artists, typically found in the streets of Saraxere or on the decks of pirate ships. Those who master such fighting forms are adept at turning the reach of their opponent’s weapon against them. Close fighters (who must be fighting with a knife or no weapon at all_) move inside most weapons’ reach, adding a bonus to their Parry equal to the enemy weapon’s Reach + 1 for that adversary (_against a long sword with Reach 0, the bonus would be + 1 to Parry; against a spear, with Reach 1, the bonus becomes a + 2 to Parry). No bonus is granted if the foe is unarmed or is using a knife or similarly sized weapon.

Improved Close Fighting
Requirements: Seasoned, Close Fighting

Experienced close fighters learn how to exploit vital areas and weak spots for quick and lethal kills. The character with this Edge gets a bonus to his Fighting roll equal to his enemy’s Reach + 1.

Combat Archer
Requirements: Heroic, Archer, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+, Shooting d10+, Trademark Weapon (bow)

For some ranged warriors, the path of the archer is a way of a life. Every day is spent in some sort of training as they perfect their technique; becoming one with their weapon. Each archer has a bow crafted for them by only the finest bowyer; the materials gathered by the archer herself. Most prefer to trek deep into the Mountains of Mourn in search of the mythical Ironwood Trees, with hopes of retrieving the legendary wood for their bow.

These archers are capable of firing in the midst of melee. They can also use their bows in hand-to-hand combat very effectively. Combat Archers may fire their bows in Close Combat, using the target’s Parry as the Target Number. They may also strike opponents with their stout bows in melee (doing STR+1 damage. NOTE: Damage is STR+d6 if Ironwood Bow).

Combat Reflexes
Requirements: Seasoned

Your adventurer recovers quickly from shock and trauma. He adds +2 to his Spirit roll when attempting to recover from being Shaken.

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+

Fighters with this Edge know how to respond instantly to an enemy’s mistakes. Once per round (if not Shaken_), the character receives one free Fighting attack against one adjacent foe who failed a Fighting attack against him. This attack is made at –2, and the Counterattack must be a normal attack (_no Disarm, Wild Attack, or other maneuvers), and may not be combined with Frenzy or Sweep. It may be used with the Defend maneuver, but not Full Defense.

Improved Counterattack
Requirements: Veteran, Counterattack

As above but the character may ignore the –2 penalty.

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+

Some crafty types know how to get out of harm’s way. This Edge allows them to use cover, movement, and concealment to make them harder to hit. Unless they are the victim of a surprise attack and taken completely unaware, attackers must subtract 1 from their ranged attack rolls when targeting them (even in close combat_). Characters who attempt to evade area effect attacks may add +1 to their Agility roll as well (_when allowed).

Improved Dodge
Requirements: Veteran, Dodge

As above but attackers subtract 2 from their attack rolls, and the character adds +2 to evade area effect weapons when allowed.

Double Shot (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Veteran, Archer, Shooting d8+

The archer is trained to nock and fire two arrows at once, increasing their chance to take down particularly tough targets. The archer can fire two arrows at once with a single Shooting roll at -2. They must be fired at the same target, and the shot must be within Short Range. If successful, both arrows hit for their normal damage. This Edge only works with bows, not other ranged weapons.

Dirty Fighter (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Seasoned

Some fight with honor. Some fight to win. This Edge is most likely known by thugs, pirates, and assassins. A Dirty Fighter is particularly good at Trick maneuvers, gaining a + 2 bonus with them.

Really Dirty Fighter (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Seasoned, Dirty Fighting

A master at capitalizing on every deadly opportunity if the character successfully Tricks his opponent and spends a benny, he counts as having the Drop on his target.

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+, Smarts d6+, Taunt d4+

This fighter knows how to distract an enemy during melee, at the cost of temporarily decreasing the effectiveness of his attacks. Once per round, before attempting a Fighting roll against an opponent, he can make a free Trick against the same opponent. It doesn’t count as an additional action, but it causes – 2 to all the hero’s damage rolls until his next turn (so the penalty applies also if he uses First Strike or other similar Edges before his next turn). This Edge cannot be combined with a Wild Attack.

First Strike
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+

Once per turn the hero (if not Shaken) gets a free Fighting attack against a single foe who moves adjacent to him. This automatically interrupts the opponent’s action and does not cost the hero his action if he is on Hold or has not yet acted this

Improved First Strike
Requirements: Heroic, First Strike

As above but the hero may make one free attack against each and every foe who moves adjacent to him.

R e q u i r e m e n t s : Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+

A character trained to fight “Florentine” is a master at wielding two weapons at once. He adds +1 to his Fighting rolls versus an opponent with a single weapon and no shield. In addition, opponents subtract 1 from any “gang up” bonuses they would normally get against the fighter as his two flashing blades parry their blows.

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d10+

Frenzied fighters make fast and furious melee attacks, sacrificing finesse for raw speed. This allows them to make an extra Fighting attack per round at a –2 penalty to all Fighting rolls. This attack must be taken at the same time as another Fighting attack though it may target any two foes adjacent to the hero (Wild Cards roll two Fighting dice and one Wild Die). The –2 penalty is subtracted from all attacks. A character armed with two weapons still only makes one extra attack.

Improved Frenzy
Requirements: Veteran, Frenzy

As above but the character may ignore the –2 Frenzy penalty.

Requirements: _Seasoned, Fighting d6+, Intimidate d6+, Smarts d6+, Taunt d6+
This character is very good at threatening and distracting opponents, so his friends can dispatch them with greater ease. His support in a fight grants a +2 Gang Up bonus instead of +1. This requires excellent coordination, which has an additional benefit: if the hero starts the round within 1” of an ally, he can decide to discard his own Action Card and to act on the Action Card of the ally, but this can be done only if the ally draws a 7 or a lower. The choice must be made when the ally shows his card. The hero always acts after the ally.

Hard to Kill
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+

This adventurer has more lives than a truckload of cats. When forced to make Vigor rolls due to Incapacitation, he may ignore his wound modifiers. This only applies to Vigor rolls called for to resist Incapacitation or death (see page 77). He still suffers from wound modifiers for other Trait rolls normally.

Harder to Kill
Requirements: Veteran, Hard to Kill

Your hero is tougher to kill than Rasputin. If he is ever “killed,” roll a die. On an odd result, he’s dead as usual. On an even roll, he’s Incapacitated but somehow escapes death. He may be captured, stripped of all his belongings, or mistakenly left for dead, but he somehow survives.

Killer Instinct
Requirements: Heroic

This hero hates losing. If he ties on an opposed roll of any sort, he wins. In addition, if his skill die on an opposed skill roll is a 1, he can reroll it (but must keep the second result, even if it’s another 1).

Level Headed
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+

Fighters who can keep their cool when everyone else is running for cover are deadly customers in combat. A hero with this Edge draws an additional Action Card in combat and acts on the best of the draw.

Improved Level Headed
Requirements: Seasoned, Level Headed

As above but the hero draws 3 cards.

Requirements: Seasoned

The hero excels at taking controlled, measured shots. If he does not move in a turn, he may fire as if he took the Aim maneuver. Marksman may never be used with a Rate of Fire greater than 1. Marksman works with both Shooting and Throwing.

Martial Artist
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6+

This character is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting. He is never considered unarmed in combat and so is never subject to the Unarmed Defender rule (page 87_). With a successful unarmed attack, he adds +d4 to his Strength roll (_as if he were using a small weapon).

Improved Martial Artist
Requirements: Veteran, Martial Arts, Fighting d10+

The character now adds +d6 to his barehanded damage.

Named Weapon (Lankhmar, CoT)
Requirements: Novice, Fighting (melee/thrown weapon) or Shooting (ranged weapon) d6+, Wild Card

This hero has named one of his weapons and by doing so imbued it with greater effect in his hands. For a melee/thrown weapon, its damage increases one die type, which is not limited by Strength. For example, a long sword deals d8+d10 damage in the hands of a Strength d8 character. For a ranged weapon with fixed damage, it instead gains a 1 bonus to damage, so a bow would do 2d61 damage. If a Named Weapon is lost, the hero can replace it, but the benefit of the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks. This Edge can be taken multiple times each time applying to a different weapon.

Improved Named Weapon (Lankhmar, CoT)
Requirements: Veteran, Named Weapon, Trademark Weapon

With this Edge, the hero’s ability with his named weapon is unparalleled. As long as it’s in hand, he can deflect incoming ranged attacks he is aware of. Any ranged attack directed against him uses his Parry as the base TN instead of 4. With a ranged or thrown weapon, the user halves Called Shot penalties. This Edge can be taken multiple times each time applying to a different weapon.

Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Vigor d8+

Your hero has learned to fight on through the most intense pain. He may ignore 1 point of wound penalties.

Improved Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Novice, Nerves of Steel

The hero ignores 2 points of wound penalties

Nimble Strike (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Veteran, Extraction, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+

The Hero has learned to fight with great dexterity—moving in and striking quickly—then moving away before their opponent may strike. If they can move at least 2” before making an attack against an adjacent foe, they may attack and withdraw from combat without the foe, or other adjacent opponents, receiving a free attack, and without requiring an Agility roll. The attacker is still subject to First Strike attacks from foes they move adjacent to with a Nimble Strike.

No Mercy
Requirements: Seasoned

The character may spend a Benny to reroll any one damage roll, including those made for area effect attacks.

One Hand and a Half
Requirements: _Seasoned, Agility d6+, Fighting d8+, Strength d6+
Your heroine has mastered the technique of fighting with a one-handed weapon using two hands. This versatile fighting style allows her to strike harder blows or perform nimble defenses. When fighting with a one-handed weapon at least of medium size (Str+d6 damage or greater), she can use it two handed. In this case, she cannot use a shield but gains one of the two following benefits: + 1 to damage rolls or + 1 Parry. The character can switch from a bonus to the other with a free action, but she must decide this at the beginning of her turn.

Rain of Steel
Requirements: Seasoned, Quick Draw, Throwing d8+

Sometimes quantity is better than quality. The character has learned how to hold more than one blade between his fingers and can throw them all with a single move of the wrist. He can throw up to 3 daggers, throwing daggers, or poisoned darts (they must all be of the same type) in a single action, suffering -2 to all the attack rolls. The weapons can be used against different targets. Given that his grip on the weapons isn’t very strong when he uses this Edge, for damage purposes the Strength of the thrower is considered at maximum d8.

Shield Expertise (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d6+, Fighting d8+

Many soldiers train in the use of weapon-and-shield combat, but the dedicated warrior learns how to make a shield a very powerful tool for surviving combat. A character with Shield Expertise increases the Parry value of any shield (but not bracers) by +1.

Shield Mastery (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Veteran, Shield Expertise, Two- Fisted, Fighting d10+

A true master with weapon-and-shield combat learns how to use his shield offensively while maintaining the defensive value of it. Shield Mastery allows the warrior to make an attack with his shield without losing the Parry bonus it confers. Medium shields (or less_) do Str+d4 damage, while a large (_or greater) shield does Str+d6. Multiple Action and Off-Hand penalties still apply.

Strong Arm
Requirements: Seasoned, Strength d6+, Shooting d6+ or Throwing d6+

Your character has an exceptionally powerful arm and this influences how far he can throw spears, sling projectiles, daggers, and other muscle-propelled distance weapons. This Edge applies to every ranged weapon that deals damage based on Strength, as a throwing axe or a sling. It doesn’t work with fixed damage weapons, like bows. It increases the range brackets of these weapons by 50% (round fractions down_). To keep the modified ranges consistent with the other weapons, first calculate Short range and then multiply it by 2 and by 4 to obtain Medium and Long ranges. So, a throwing axe (_Range: 3/6/12), used with this Edge will have range brackets of 4/8/16, not 6/9/18.

Spot Weakness (Lankhmar, CoT)
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Fighting d8+, Notice d6+

No swordsman, whether one taught by the finest master from the mysterious east or one who developed his art on the streets, is flawless. Everyone has a weakness, and this character has the training necessary to spot and exploit such a weakness. If an opponent making a Fighting attack against the character rolls a 1 on his Fighting die (regardless of Wild Die), the character receives +1 to Fighting rolls against that foe for the rest of the combat. If an opponent rolls a 1 on his Fighting die but hits the hero using his Wild Die, the character still spots the flaw. You only get the bonus once, no matter how many 1s are rolled.

Student of Forms (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Seasoned, At least two Combat Edges, Smarts d6+, Fighting d10+

The Hero has studied and practiced with a particular form of fighting and has developed an impressive and effective aptitude with it. The Hero chooses a particular weapon type — long swords, spears, daggers, etc. — and gains a +1 to all Fighting rolls made with weapons of that type. Alternately, the Hero may choose one of the following to apply Student of Forms to: Martial Artist or Fencer.

Sunder (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Seasoned, Dwarf and/or Strength d10+

Dwarves, due to their extensive knowledge of metals and structures, or particularly strong warriors, can learn how to strike weak points in Armor to great effectiveness. Any melee attack made by someone with this Edge ignores 1 point of Armor, whether crafted or natural. This stacks with other AP bonuses.

Improved Sunder (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Veteran, Sunder

As with Sunder, but the amount of Armor ignored is raised to 2 points.

Requirements: Novice, Strength d8+, Fighting d8+

Sweep allows a character to make a single Fighting attack and apply it against all currently adjacent targets at a –2 penalty (friends and foes alike—be careful). Resolve each damage roll separately. The attack is applied immediately when rolled and only affects targets adjacent at that time.

A character may not use Sweep in the same round she uses Frenzy, nor may she Sweep more than once per round, or with a second weapon held in another hand. In effect, the hero may only perform Sweep once per action unless she somehow gets two entire actions (perhaps under the effects of a spell or power, for example).

Improved Sweep
Requirements: Veteran, Sweep

As above but the hero may ignore the –2 penalty.

Tooth and Nail
Requirements: Veteran, Nerves of Steel

No matter how hard you punish this hero, each wound inflicted is only another reason to stand up and grin. The character receives + 1 to damage rolls for each Wound he currently has, up to + 2.

Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting of d10+

The hero knows one unique weapon (Excalibur, Old Betsy, Sting) like the back of his hand. When using that weapon, he adds +1 to his Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing rolls. A hero can take this Edge multiple times, applying it to a different weapon each time. If a Trademark Weapon is lost, the hero can replace it, but the benefit of the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.

Improved Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Weapon

As above but the bonus when using the weapon increases to +2.

Tricky Fighter (Shaintar: Legends Arise)
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+ or Smarts d8+, Fighting d8+

The Hero suffers no multi-action penalty when using a Trick in the same round as a Fighting attack. The player must choose which type of Trick this Edge applies to (Agility or Smarts) and must have a d8+ in that attribute. The Hero may take this Edge twice to apply it to both kinds of Tricks.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+

A Two-Fisted hero isn’t ambidextrous—he’s simply learned to fight with two weapons (or both fists) at once. When attacking with a weapon in each hand, he rolls each attack separately but ignores the multi-action penalty

Wall of Steel (Lankhmar,CoT)
Requirements: Veteran, Block, Notice d8+

Sometimes a fighter finds himself greatly outnumbered in a fight. Fortunately, the character has the perception and agility to handle multiple foes. As long as the character is armed, opponents gain no Gang Up bonus against the hero.


Combat Edges

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