The Reckoning

A.S. journal entry 1


Although my wish was to go straightaway to my dear friend H., I thought it judicious to postpone until I had sufficient time to surveil his companions. They did not immediately raise my alarms and I was awaiting an agreeable time and place to reveal myself, but I did feel compelled to step in when I saw a slugorth being summoned. Although they do not usually associate with Father’s crowd, it pays to be cautious for the nonce. It was so very good to see H. again. He seems even larger and more fearsome in battle than I recollect. I suspect that sunlight and a regime of fresh food has done him in good stead.

The entire company was not present, as the 2 dawaii were off on some errand or other. H. seems particularly fond of R, the el’sahar. R. is quite loquacious, but is also possessed of a vast academic curiosity, and seems kind as well. He’s even teaching H. his letters! Despite the dangerous reason for his journey south, it is undoubtedly doing H. good. B. is a very odd fellow. He is almost comically short and corpulent, and although he carries on a great deal when forced to walk (especially when confronted with a flight of stairs), this belies immense agility. I was initially reluctant towards taking him into confidence, (given that he seems to be playing out some grandiose confidence scam), but then he took his queue on my own trustworthiness from H. For all of his ferocity, H. is a kind, loyal soul, and anyone who gives him respect is someone I will take the time to acquaint myself with.

H., R., B., and myself were accosted upon ingress into their quarters by a group of dawaii. They were dispatched with ease, and we attempted to ascertain their allegiance from the single one left alive. Although he was quite recalcitrant, he did let slip that he and his band hunt my kind, which leads to the conclusion that they are demon hunters of some sort. B. has had at least one encounter with similar, but further investigation is needed. We were retaining the captive for future use, and I’d hoped to utilize him as a playmate, but he either took his own life or B. used some elaborate ruse to put him down. These “demon hunters” could prove allies in the long-term goals of mother’s rescue and H.’s freedom, but if the leadership is as stubbornly bigoted as the one we questioned, I would have no qualms in arranging for them all to be burnt alive and screaming as I watch.

All in all, I feel that H. is in good company with R. and B. I will need to determine the merits of the absent dawaii (absence during attack suspicious?), but I feel that at least with these two, he is well served should our paths happen to diverge. Hope that R. and I may get to work on the translation activities as soon as the morrow. Must also obtain more detail on the mirror. Most spectacular.




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