The Reckoning

A.S. journal entry 1

Although my wish was to go straightaway to my dear friend H., I thought it judicious to postpone until I had sufficient time to surveil his companions. They did not immediately raise my alarms and I was awaiting an agreeable time and place to reveal myself, but I did feel compelled to step in when I saw a slugorth being summoned. Although they do not usually associate with Father’s crowd, it pays to be cautious for the nonce. It was so very good to see H. again. He seems even larger and more fearsome in battle than I recollect. I suspect that sunlight and a regime of fresh food has done him in good stead.

The entire company was not present, as the 2 dawaii were off on some errand or other. H. seems particularly fond of R, the el’sahar. R. is quite loquacious, but is also possessed of a vast academic curiosity, and seems kind as well. He’s even teaching H. his letters! Despite the dangerous reason for his journey south, it is undoubtedly doing H. good. B. is a very odd fellow. He is almost comically short and corpulent, and although he carries on a great deal when forced to walk (especially when confronted with a flight of stairs), this belies immense agility. I was initially reluctant towards taking him into confidence, (given that he seems to be playing out some grandiose confidence scam), but then he took his queue on my own trustworthiness from H. For all of his ferocity, H. is a kind, loyal soul, and anyone who gives him respect is someone I will take the time to acquaint myself with.

H., R., B., and myself were accosted upon ingress into their quarters by a group of dawaii. They were dispatched with ease, and we attempted to ascertain their allegiance from the single one left alive. Although he was quite recalcitrant, he did let slip that he and his band hunt my kind, which leads to the conclusion that they are demon hunters of some sort. B. has had at least one encounter with similar, but further investigation is needed. We were retaining the captive for future use, and I’d hoped to utilize him as a playmate, but he either took his own life or B. used some elaborate ruse to put him down. These “demon hunters” could prove allies in the long-term goals of mother’s rescue and H.’s freedom, but if the leadership is as stubbornly bigoted as the one we questioned, I would have no qualms in arranging for them all to be burnt alive and screaming as I watch.

All in all, I feel that H. is in good company with R. and B. I will need to determine the merits of the absent dawaii (absence during attack suspicious?), but I feel that at least with these two, he is well served should our paths happen to diverge. Hope that R. and I may get to work on the translation activities as soon as the morrow. Must also obtain more detail on the mirror. Most spectacular.


Sunday at Church
a ravens guts

Bob, Hausst, and Ravendell go a awandering, chasing after ‘raven cloaked’ people in the city.

Every time we approach them, they ‘get away’, or otherwise disappear.

Eventually, we follow them to the temple of the Raven Lord, which is not high up the street, but also not at the end. As we attempt to interact with the guards, Bob see’s an odd sight, a sacrificed human male with a krisknife sticking out of his chest. What’s odd about this, though, is that the dead male looks at Bob with red eyes, and starts mouthing words that Bob can’t make out. Being somewhat verklempt about the red eyes, and curious about what the words might be, Bob attempts to sneak down the stairs. Failing critically, he tumbles down with much ’oof’ing and ’ah’ing. Rolling into the tree-trunk like lower limbs of a Sanctum guard, Bob is stopped and returned to the tender care of Hausst. But, as Hausst lifts Bob up to return to the top of the stairs, Bob glimpses something even more odd: black energy tentacles and what appears to be a giant beak emerging from the chest of the human sacrifice.

Being incorrigibly curious, Bob wants to explore more, and tries to convince Hausst that this is what they should do, however, Hausst just thinks Bob is still drunk or stoned on Black Lotus.

At this moment, however, a finely dressed Cambion walks up to the party and reunites himself with his old buddy Hausst, who warns the party of a demonic summoning that was going on in the Raven temple. The party decides to return to the The Flaming Crossbow, intending to catch up on things, but Bob being Bob, Bob slips away and returns to the Temple. As he approaches the block before, he gets waylaid by a deft dwarf in demon hunter garb, who allows Bob to witness a clandestine attack on the temple and the carting off of a struggling demon in canvas sack. And then she gives him a cool token of her esteem for his incredible bravery in single-handedly attempting to stop the demonic invasion, along with a sultry invitation to join their Elite group. Declining regretfully, Bob espouses a need to take care of his part of inept friends. Particularly the never present and oft-times befuddled dwarven friends.

Shaking off of the ennui, Bob returns swiftly to The Flaming Crossbow, and begins relating the story to the group – Angelos Segundis the Cambion included, whom Hausst approves of for full trust. Bob being Bob, he trusts Hausst, and relates his recent adventure at the Temple. The group begins to discuss sensitive topics, and Angelos suggests that the party ‘head to a more private space’.

Entering the room, Bob immediately sees that there has been an incursion – the window is not closed ‘correctly’, and the trap door to the secret chamber shows signs of being breached.

Bob warns the party, battle ensues, and the party makes quick and bloody work of the intruders, thanks to Bob’s amazing tactical of the battle scene, which he accomplishes through an amazing and deft trick of the cloak! Ha ha!

Killing all but one of the intruders. The group attempts to interrogate, but fails, and when disposing of the bodies only discover several tokens (one each per assailant), that are similar to, but distincltly different from his own new token of affection. While disposing of the bodies, however, a sealed letter comes sailing through the Portal of Ala. Reading the letter, Bob realizes that it is a joke, and returns it, postage unpaid.

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